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One App,
Many Uses

The Original Heart is a creative project initiative, that will consist of 3 goals; community, involvement and teaching. These three goals are interconnected, but each will have its differences. As a part of Heart of Fire Designs, this portion of the business will consist of fostering a community alongside others to foster creativity, encouragement, and the hope is for it to develop into an app for mental health.   

Coming up soon will be the launch of a simple version of this app, because I want to get something out as soon as possible. 

More Visuals to Come Soon

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Support me in this story. 

Simple Plans

To start there will be information about creativity and ways to explore creativity in mental health. 

Personalized Content

There will be personalized content in a creative social platform for you to explore.

Community Support

Feel free to ask questions and build yourself within this creative community.

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