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18" x 20" Acrylic Painting on Canvas

18" x 20" Acrylic Painting on Canvas

SKU: 364215375135191

This acrylic painting on canvas is 18" x 20" in size. It was created as part of a tryptich set of paintings, though it can stand alone as a piece. The painting is called "Drinking Ocean" and is a unique piece from my early art days. If you are interested, it is available for purchase.


    This is a 18" x 20" acrylic painting on linen canvas. It is as is, meaning that there is no finish, it is just acrylic paint, as well as the borders are unfinished. Best displayed on a bedroom/ livingroom wall or easel. 


    There are no returns for this product, but if there is evident damage upon arrival a partial refund will be given.


    3-5 Business Days for Standard Shipping, 1 Day for Expedited Shipping. Free shipping if you are in the area. 

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